5 MW AC Solar Farm | Wadesboro, NC | Commissioned Dec. 2017

O2 emc is completed Wadesboro Solar, a 5 MW AC (7.65 MW DC) solar farm located in Wadesboro, Anson County, NC in December 2017.

Local Economic Benefits

Wadesboro Solar will increase the Anson County Tax Base by over $2.5 million over the expected 30-year life of the project.  Before development, the property paid less than $300 in property taxes.

Local residents and local vendors were used throughout the construction phase of the project. Many of these Wadesboro based individuals and suppliers have transitioned to working on one of our sites under construction in Rowan county.

The project will be set back from the road, and the equipment will not be more than 12 feet high.  Solar farms produce no emissions, noise, or smell.  Because there will be almost no impermeable surfaces on the site, equipment can be removed after the 30-year life of the solar farm and the land can remain in agriculture during operation.